Medium-strength tobacco infused with the delicious essence of vanilla! While Mavri is a sweet vape, we should mention it's not a heavy, candy based sweetness. It has a light and refreshing sweetness that does not overpower the tobacco flavor. Not only does it taste great, it performs brilliantly regardless of nicotine, output and resistance levels.

Highly aromatic and very smoky, Mavri is also a super smooth vape. It gives off brilliant white chunks of vapor that feels like a huge party on your taste buds! The throat hit is simply excellent, plus you can adjust the strength of the hit through nicotine strength and changing output levels on your ecig. Mavri is definitely not one to miss!

EU Product / 100% Safe Puff liquids are produced in Italy using pharmaceutical grade ingredients sourced from Europe.

Package Contents

1x 10ml MAVRI / SWEET TOBACCO eLiquid