Vaping is a great tobacco alternative

Electronic cigarettes are a very successful alternative to smoking because vaping--the act of using an electronic cigarette--is extremely similar to smoking real cigarettes. It is no surprise there are millions of people worldwide who quit smoking with electronic cigarettes. Not only do e-cigarettes help you quit smoking, they help you quit for good.

But how? How and why are electronic cigarettes so effective? The success of vaping boils down to two logical facts:

There are no cravings due to nicotine withdrawal

A great aspect of electronic cigarettes is that you have the option to vape with nicotine liquids. This is half the reason why electronic cigarettes are so successful - you experience no cravings whatsoever. Not only do you get your nicotine, you get it whenever and wherever you want. The risk of going back to cigarettes because of nicotine withdrawal is reduced to zero.

Vaping overcomes physical and psychological conditioning

The physical act of holding a cigarette between your fingers and periodically taking it to your mouth is a deeply ingrained habit. It's such a strong habit, many smokers that want to quit simply can't do it, they can't deal with the psychology of having their hands empty. This is the other half of the reason why electronic cigarettes are so successful. Electronic cigarettes are the perfect substitute for smoking because you have something to hold and take to your mouth whenever you want.

If you want to stop smoking, electronic cigarettes are your best shot.