Quality, performance, style. Puff is an all-Italian vaping concept with starter kits, box mods, liquids and more. In addition to fundamentals, we also stock spares, heads and other extras for a total vaping experience guaranteed to satisfy.

We cater to vapers who also need flair in their vape. Puff is one of the leading Italian brands in the industry with fabulous designs and razor sharp technology. Justifiably bringing together style and performance, Puff gives you high-performance vaping that looks like a million dollars.

In addition to product quality and visual appeal, our operations are also managed to bring you the best value. For instance, we own liquid manufacturing plants in Italy that allow us to offer liquids at incredible prices. We have been in the industry for long years, have international brand recognition and certified products.

In short, continuous innovation. We combine personal vaping experiences with general vaper feedback to see how we can make it better, whether it be a battery, liquid or atomizer head. We also keep current with fashion and trends to be able to put forth the best products possible.

The Avatar FX is a good example. When the Avatar FX was launched, it was well ahead of its time, in technology and design. We had researched real-world vapers that used box mods for at least three months. Aside from universal issues like coil material and drip tips, the general weight was on the screen and design. Virtually everyone wanted a great display and designer looks. The result was the Avatar FX - a future classic.

Our commercial activities involve international retail and wholesale operations. Sold worldwide, Puff products are globally recognized as high quality and fashionable vaping products that perform extremely well.

Be a part of the growing Puff family and profit.

Puff products are globally recognized as high quality and fashionable vaping products that perform extremely well. Our products are sold worldwide and are always in demand due to ever-rising international interest. High turnaround items in a continually growing market is a brilliant value proposition. We offer more than just wholesale buying, we also offer customized possibilities from exclusive country distributorships, joint ventures and other partnership forms.

We are open to all logical propositions that result in mutual growth.

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