10ml BLACKJACK / STRONG TOBACCO 16mg eLiquid (With Nicotine,Strong)

Most tobacco liquids have an element of sweetness, Blackjack does not. It is an unsweetened, toasted tobacco blend with an extremely solid vapor profile. It features a wide variety of tobaccos at different concentrations; the strength of fire-cured North American tobaccos is mixed with the extreme smokiness of Turkish tobaccos.

The result is a woody tobacco vape that is possibly on the verge of being too strong. Rich, robust and very intense, Blackjack is the definition of a really strong and smoky blend. Blackjack is rock solid in the performance department as well. It gives off chunky clouds with all types of vaping gear and mixes well with other liquids and flavor shots. If you enjoy super strong liquids, Blackjack was meant for you!

EU Product / 100% Safe Puff liquids are produced in Italy using pharmaceutical grade ingredients sourced from Europe.

Package Contents

1x 10ml BLACKJACK / STRONG TOBACCO 16mg eLiquid (With Nicotine,Strong)