An eGo type battery, but with Italian flair - the Avatar GT variable voltage battery is specially made for vapers that enjoy supermodel looks when it comes to their gear. The diagonal cut bottom and three-band casing looks absolutely stunning. It's very user-friendly as well, the middle section grip lets you hold it without any slippage. As awesome as it is, the Avatar GT battery isn't just about the wow factor, definitely not. It's loaded with technical features that allow you to personalize your vape exactly as you want!

Capacity: 1600mAh
Voltage Range: 3.2V - 4.3V
Max. Wattage: 12W
Threading: eGo/510

The Avatar GT battery is equipped with a system that guarantees a constant voltage output. On top of that, you can choose what voltage you want to vape at with variable voltage (VV) technology. Switching between voltages in very easy, too. You move through different voltages by clicking the fire button in sequence. VV is a great feature because you can adjust how much vapor is drawn with each puff, it's also very useful in adjusting the strength of the throat hit. The 5 LED lights on the side lets you know how much battery power remains. As far as safety is concerned, the Avatar GT battery is equipped with a chip that increases the safety of the battery during operation and charging. It even sports a micro USB that allows for faster charging. If you want style as much as performance, we highly recommend the Avatar GT.

Package Contents

1x AVATAR GT Battery