COIL MASTER 521 Tab Professional Ohm Meter

The Coil Master 521 Tab is a professional ohm meter with unmatched build quality, accuracy level and extreme performance in the test and fire department. It represents one of the most flexible must-have tools for seasoned coil builders as well as beginners because it ensures you are not building dangerous coils for your mod. The 521 Tab features a high grade stainless steel 510 connection along with a spring-loaded brass connection point. Readings are super-accurate with values between 0.01Ω to 9.99Ω. This range places the 521 Tab among elite ohm meters with the widest spread in readouts.

The 521 Tab also includes a voltage adapter that allows builders to read precisely the output voltage of most mech mods and other vape gear. The 521 Tab works with a single high amp 18650 battery and can be charged without taking it out. The three-way switch lets you choose between "off", "fire" and "meter" modes. The fire mode lets you fire down to 0.2Ω and gives feedback on resistance levels without needing to screw and unscrew the atomizer between each test. As experienced builders will note, this feature is immensely effective and seriously increases usability and efficiency when building/testing coils.

521 Tab Overview

Dimensions: 49.5mm x 84.5mm x 69.5mm
Resistance measurement range: 0.01Ω - 9.99Ω
Voltage measurement range: 0.3V - 9.99V

– High grade stainless steel 510
– Spring-loaded 510 (brass)
– Extremely precise metering
– Can fire down to 0.2Ω
– Voltage adapter
– Reads output voltage
– Reverse polarity protection
– 15 second safety cut-off time
– ABS Casing
– 4.5V/750mAh micro USB charging port

Package Contents

1x COIL MASTER 521 Tab
1x Voltage Meter
1x Alligator Clips
1x USB Charger Cable
1x Security Card
1x Instruction Booklet