When you vape with Sweetie, the first feeling you get is like biting into a scrumptious homemade cake with cream filling. As a matter of fact, it tastes very similar to Panettone, the famous Italian Christmas cake. True to the original, you can even taste candied citrus fruits as you vape! Finger-licking good, Sweetie is a work of art that tastes unbelievably good and vapes even better.

It gives off huge amounts of creamy white vapor with even the smallest puff. And the throat hit! The throat hit is simply beyond words, it literally massages your throat. Sweetie is also remarkable for the quality of the inhale and exhale; even the nose exhale is flawless. Once you find your sweet spot experimenting with different nicotine, output and resistance levels, you won't be able to put it down. Sweetie is the best cake you will never get to eat!

EU Product / 100% Safe Puff liquids are produced in Italy using pharmaceutical grade ingredients sourced from Europe.

Package Contents

1x 20ml SWEETIE / CREAMY CAKE eLiquid