10ml MOXITO / MOJITO 6mg eLiquid (With Nicotine, Low)

Hailing from sunny Cuba, our Moxito blend isn't just a combination of pounded mint leaves and lime juice, it's much more than that. Every part of lime, mint, white rum, and sugar is blended to absolute perfection!

Moxito lives up to the legendary drink with an extremely sophisticated vapour that has an immensely enjoyable throat hit. It vapes great with a wide range of voltage/wattage, plus delivers some seriously chunky plumes. Not only that, it's brilliant on both the inhale and the exhale! If you're looking for a little more class in your vape, we strongly recommend the very classy Moxito.

EU Product / 100% Safe Puff liquids are produced in Italy using pharmaceutical grade ingredients sourced from Europe.

Package Contents

1x 10ml MOXITO / MOJITO 6mg eLiquid (With Nicotine, Low)