The Avatar FX represents extreme attention to technical details and an obvious dedication to esthetic beauty. The Avatar FX is a purely Italian design from top to bottom; you are guaranteed top quality materials, workmanship and vapor.

You can vape between 1V - 8V and 7W - 30W, plus it fires all the way down a very impressive 0.3 ohms. As far as customization goes, each and every part is changeable. Every part and function is designed and engineered to utter perfection. The Avatar FX is one of the best mods in its category, from looks to performance!

Features & Specs

Capacity: 2500mAh
Voltage Output: 1V - 8V
Wattage Range: 7W - 30W
Min. Resistance: 0.3Ω
Threading: 510/eGo

If you wish, you can vape using the variable voltage mode. In the variable wattage mode, the Avatar FX automatically adjusts voltage output so you don't have to change the voltage level manually - an overall very convenient and useful feature! Considering it fits beautifully in your hand, the 30W maximum power output is quite impressive as well. With the Avatar FX, you are guaranteed top performance at all times. The low sub ohm level is also noteworthy; the Avatar FX fires all the way down to 0.3Ω for one of the best sub ohm vaping experiences in the 30W box mod class. You can even choose from 5 pre-set levels to vape at. If you choose the automatic mode, the device automatically calculates optimal output levels for the attached clearomizer and adjusts settings by itself. The screen is very fast to boot up, the menu is super easy to navigate, and customizing is as simple as it can be. The features are endless - the Avatar FX is also a portable power source. It sports an adaptive micro USB port that delivers a minimum of 500mAh up to a maximum of 2.1A. Depending on the product that you want to recharge, the Avatar FX calculates the electrical needs of the device and provides exact amperage. The powerhouse 2500mAh battery can easily take you through the day without a charge. When it needs a charge, you simply plug it into a USB port, and that's it.

Protection & Safety

• Overheating protection (over 50°C / 122°F)
• Short circuit protection
• Ohm range selection (set acceptable resistance range to fire at)
• Shuts off under 3.3V (to be recharged)
• Stops charging when voltage is higher than 4.25V
• Adjustable cut-off time
• Accidental firing protection (click button 3 seconds to turn on/off)

Even the operating system (OS) is upgradable, a brilliant feature made possible by a cutting edge chipset - your FX will never be out of date. The OS is exclusively designed for the Avatar FX. It manages the entire device and makes it very easy and comfortable to use with an intuitive user interface, all thanks to a whopping 6.1 cm (2.4") screen. The screen is built to the highest standards in LCD technology; it offers 262K colors RGB and has an incredible 240x320 resolution. You can change any setting you want, including language, output levels, date and time and much more. Quality is guaranteed, too. Inside the box you'll find a card with a unique code you can use to verify the authenticity of the product.

Avatar FX - the future classic

Package Contents

1x AVATAR FX (Black)